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Starry Night Halos Switchback Dual Color Sequential Flexible Tubes are sleek with a clean look.

The tube is diffused and gets the led strips inside a very solid appearance throughout the tube. The white portion of the tubes are VERY bright and can be seen during the day time. The tubes have connectors on the ends that connect into the included driver box. There are 4 wires, red, black, white, and yellow. Red and black are your traditional 12v power and ground wires, the white wire is for the white portion, and the yellow wire activates the sequential amber LED strip within the tube.

If you order our Switchback Dual Color Sequential Flexible Tubes and find out the length too long, you can cut the LED strips inside of the tube after every 9 LEDs. Once you cut the LED strips, you can cut the tube to match. Please note cutting any of our tubes or strips WILL void the warranty on the product.

This kit comes with:

2x: 24" Switchback Dual Color Sequential Flexible Tubes
2x: 24" Switchback Dual Color Sequential Drivers
1x: Mounting hardware and wires

Please note: ALL of our controllers need to be mounted inside of the vehicle to avoid any damage that can cause failures
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