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Starry Night Halos aims to make installation of our halos a breeze! Our Plug and Play Harnesses take the pain out of soldering wires or connections. 

Each Plug and Play Harness includes a 12v to 5v Step Down voltage regulator, Red and Black power extension wires, two, four, OR eight connections, and a male connection to plug in a Starry Night Halos RF Controller or Bluetooth Controller.

What's Included:

1x: Starry Night Halos Plug and Play Harness with two, four, OR eight connections.


  • Mount all controllers inside of your vehicle. Failure to do so will void the warranty on your halos and can cause issues with your controller.
  • Do not touch the LEDs on your Starry Night Halos. Touching the halo while they are on can cause Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and will damage the LEDs on the board.
  • All of Starry Night Halos are 5v and must be powered through the Plug and Play Harness to avoid damaging the halos.
  • The Starry Night Halos Bluetooth controller must be powered through the Plug and Play Harness. DO NOT add power and ground wires to the other end of your Bluetooth controller.
  • Halos are intended to run while your headlights or fog lights are off. Running your headlights or fog lights with your halos will shorten the life of the halos significantly.
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