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Starry Night Halos RGB+Chasing Footwell LED Kit can make the inside of your car stand out from others! Our RGB+Chasing Footwell LED kit is indoor waterproof and flexible! The black PCB of the strips are very sleek and are VERY bright. This kit comes with 2 silicone coated and flexible strips with 3m backing. Upgrade the inside of your car now!

If you order our Starry Night Halos LED Strips and find out the length is a bit too long, then simply cut on the dotted lines of the strip. Our Starry Night LED Strips can be cut by every LED to ensure a perfect fitment for any application. 

There are 2 choices of controllers to choose from:

The RF controller which features:

300 Chasing Patterns
4 Static Colors
that include Red, Green, Blue, and White

Brightness and Speed controls.

The Bluetooth Controller which features:

200 Chasing Patterns
FULL Color Wheels with 10+ Static Colors including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Violet, Orange, Pink, Spring Green, White, and MORE!
Brightness and Speed controls.
Drop-Down menu selection AND an easy mode selection with arrows and Auto cycle mode.

There are 2 variants of our controllers in which you can choose how many connections you would like to have.

This kit comes with:

2x: 30.48cm Black PCB RGB + Chasing Silicone Coated LED strips w/ 3m backing.
Your choice of RF Controller or Bluetooth Controller w/ Plug and Play Harness
Optional choice of Rear LED Footwell Kit
Optional choice of Extra Extension Connectors.

Zip ties for extra mounting.

Please note: ALL of our controllers need to be mounted inside of the vehicle to avoid any damage that can cause the RF receiver to fail.

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