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We take the guessing out of what size you need for your vehicle. Our Vehicle Specific Halo Kits are designed to have the perfect fit for the make and model of your vehicle.
Now is the time to upgrade your headlights! Starry Night Halos has the newest technology of halos on the market. Stop blending in with single color halos and stand out with our color chasing halo kits!
Starry Night Halos kits give you the ability of color changing colors with over 199+ color chasing patterns. Our halos are very bright and can be seen during the daytime.

How to Order:

This product is a halo kit only and does not include a set of headlights. A controller is needed to operate a Starry Night Halos kit. Please be sure to select your controller from the drop-down menu. A plug and play harness, with the selected connections, will be included with the purchase of a controller.

The 2015-2017 Dodge Challenger  RGBW + Chasing Starry Night Halos kit comes with 4 fitted halos. To operate just the headlight halos, select a controller that says, "Controls up to 4 connections".

Controller Features:

RGBW + Chasing RF Controller

  • 300 Chasing Patterns
  • 4 Solid Colors - Red, Green, Blue, and Pure White
  • Brightness and Speed controls.

Chasing Bluetooth Controller

  • 200 Chasing Patterns
  • Color Wheel Picker - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, Pink, Orange, Pure White, and more!
  • Brightness and Speed controls.
  • Drop-down Chasing Mode selection

What’s Included:

4x - 2015-2017 Dodge Challenger  RGBW + Chasing Starry Night Halos
1x - Plug and Play Harness is included when a Controller is purchased with your halo kit.
1x - Wiring Instructions

Additional Add-Ons:

Starry Night Halos RF Wireless Controller
Starry Night Halos Bluetooth Controller
Projector Halos
Extension Connectors

Compatible Years:

2015 Dodge Challenger
2016 Dodge Challenger
2017 Dodge Challenger


Mount all controller receivers inside of your vehicle. Failure to do so will void the warranty and cause issues with your controller and halo kit.

All of Starry Night Halos are 5v and must be powered through the Plug and Play Harness to avoid frying the halos.

Do not touch Starry Night Halos with bare hands. We recommend using an ESD wrist strap when dealing with any of our products. Touching the diodes while the halos are powered can burn that diode out on the halo causing failure of the halo.

Use the 3m tape provided to mount your Starry Night Halos. Do not use bare beading wire to mount the halos. If the bare beading wire touches a solder joint, it will cause a short and ruin your halo kit.

The Starry Night Halos Bluetooth controller must be powered through the Plug and Play Harness. DO NOT peel the "void if removed" sticker off add power and ground wires to the other end of your Bluetooth controller.

Running your Starry Night Halos while your headlights or fog lights are on can greatly reduce the life of your halos. Do not run HID bulbs in your fog lights if you are running fog light halos or you will increase the chance of failure of your halos.

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