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Starry Night Halos 40" RGB+Chasing Tubes have a smooth diffused tube Starry Night RGB + Chasing LED strips inside! We pack as many LEDs as we can in each tube to maintain a bright and even light with no gaps. These tubes do have a flat back on them and are made as a 180 degree tube.

Starry Night Halos RGB + Chasing Tubes are VERY bright and can be seen during the day time.

If you order our Starry Night Halos DRL Tubes and find out the length is an LED or three too long, then simply cut remove the strip from the tube and cut on the dotted lines of the PCB. Our Starry Night LED Strips can be cut by every LED to ensure a perfect fitment for any application. Once you have a desired length, cut the tube to match. Please note that cutting of any of our strips WILL void the warranty on the product.

There are 2 choices of controllers to choose from:

The RF controller which features:

300 Chasing Patterns
4 Static Colors
that include Red, Green, Blue, and White

Brightness and Speed controls.

The Bluetooth Controller which features:

200 Chasing Patterns
FULL Color Wheels with 10+ Static Colors including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Violet, Orange, Pink, Spring Green, White, and MORE!
Brightness and Speed controls.
Drop-Down menu selection AND an easy mode selection with arrows and Auto cycle mode.

There are 2 variants of our controllers in which you can choose how many connections you would like to have.

What's Included:

2x: 40" Starry Night RGB + Chasing LED Tubes
Your choice of RF Controller or Bluetooth Controller w/ Plug & Play Harness
Optional choice of Extension Connectors.

Please note: ALL of our controllers need to be mounted inside of the vehicle to avoid any damage that can cause the RF receiver to fail.

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