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    Starry Night Halos RF Controller Wiring Diagram


    Each Halo Kit comes with 2 - 8 halos, depending on which halo kit you purchase, a Plug and Play Harness, and an RF remote.

    The Plug and Play Harness comes with a metal voltage regulator with 2 sets of wire harnesses coming off of it. One harness contains two wires for 12V positive and 12V negative. The Red wire is 12V positive and the black wire is 12V negative. The other wire harness contains connections for halos or LED strips. The shorter connector coming out of the Plug and Play Harness is where the RF receiver will be plugged into.

    Each halo comes with wire that has male connectors at the end. These connectors will plug into the female connectors of the Plug and Play Harness.


    Mount all controllers inside of your vehicle. Failure to do so will void the warranty on your halos and can cause issues with your controller. 

    Do not touch the LEDs on your Starry Night Halos. Touching the halo while they are on can cause Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and will damage the LEDs on the board.

    All of Starry Night Halos are 5v and must be powered through the Plug and Play Harness to avoid damaging the halos.

    Halos are intended to run while your headlights or fog lights are off. Running your headlights or fog lights with your halos will shorten the life of the halos significantly.

      If you are confused on how to use your RF remote to it's full potential, please view the RF Remote Usage page.

      If you are uncomfortable wiring your own halos, please CONTACT US and we can direct you to one of our authorized installers.